''Guitarist Dan Faehnle's shapely, intelligent phrases spill from his guitar like the lines of a really good story.'' - Seattle Times
"In long linear phrases, Faehnle spins tales that he summons from the chord changes of classic jazz compositions. With an ease that makes his inventive guitar lines seem as apt and inevitable as the original melody, he lays down a groove so solid it feels as if you could ride it straight to heaven." - 5/4 Magazine
"Dan Faehnle is a guitar guru. It's baffling really. The man never runs out of ideas while playing long legato phrases with the dynamics of a horn player. Dan Faehnle is a linear genius on the fretboard, a swingsmith unconfined by the rules of bop or his instrument." - Orange County Weekly
"Dan Faehnle harbors superior athleticism and a Vulcan-like mind that reconfigures bluesy bop lines at a boggling rate of efficiency. He is Diana Krall's latest deadly weapon, having been handpicked by her as of March 2000 to take the world by bop-tastic storm. Here is a box-slinger with funkafied, greasy chops that combine virtuosic technique with heavy groove." - Just Jazz Guitar Magazine
"Faehnle is technically superb, but unlike so many, he doesn't let the athleticism get in the way of the music. It is his musicianship that most impresses me. He has a lot to say, great ideas, terrific execution of them, and wonderful nuance. Moreover, my observations at the West Coast Jazz Party had led me to coin the term "the Dan Faehnle effect". That's when the first solo of some unknown quantity elevates the play of an entire group of better known musicians. In my experience, Faehnle always shows up to play." - Ron Kerans