Dan also appears on the following CD's:

Chuck Israels - The Bellingham sessions volume 1

Chuck Israels - The Bellingham sessions volume 2

Leroy Vinnegar - Integrity

Dick Berk - East Coast Stroll

Dick Berk - One by One

Rebecca Kilgore - Dave Frishberg - Not a Care in the World

Pink Martini - Sympathyque

Pink Martini - Hang On Little Tomato 

Pink Martini - Hey Eugene

Mel Brown - Live at Jimmy Mak's

Ben Wolf - Murray's Cadillac

Dick Titterington - Amber Eyes

Phil Baker - After Hours

Tom Grant - Instinct

Tom Grant - Lip service

Mary Kadderly - I go Zoom

Terry Gibbs - Feelin' Good: In the Studio

Ohio Lunch

2003 Heavywood Music

My Ideal

2001 Pillar Productions

Hey Eugene

Findin' the Groove

East Coast Stroll

The Bellingham Sessions
Hang on Little Tomato
Live at Sips Cafe